Student services: an examination of UNO’s internal fee structure


Brooke Criswell
Online Content Manager

Many students are shocked by their billing account the first time logging in to Mavlink, because oftentimes the amount lodged in a student’s head does not match up to that on the screen. Students are frequently misinformed as to just how many fees there are, attached to services which nobody has heard, or rarely use.


Listed below are some of the fees paid for by students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, to name a few:

Health Services

Health services include many different activities to support the facilities, programs and services provided by campus recreation. In 2008, the student government, faculty senate and staff advisory council voted to support the construction and renovation in the Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) building. These renovations added 90,000 square feet to the original 150,000 square foot building. Of the fees, 80 percent go to pay off the bonds that were used  pay for the project. The other 20 percent go to equipment and maintenance along with supporting the 150 student workers in the building.

“The HPER Building receives over 400,000 student visits annually and provides numerous wellness opportunities for the UNO community,” said Joe Kaminski, Senior Director of Wellness Center. “Some of these include fitness classes, personal training, massage, outdoor recreation trips, intramural sports, sport clubs, swim lessons, family and youth programming, access to over 60 pieces of cardio equipment, indoor jogging/walking track, 4 basketball courts, a climbing wall, a 20 person spa, locker and shower facilities and a mindfulness space.”

Student Access and Success Fee

Every semester, students are charged in order to gain access to the resources necessary to gain success at UNO. Fallin under admissions and registration, the fee allows the campus to provide resources to be successful in students’ endeavors.

Distance Learning Fee

Distance learning costs each student $25 whenever they sign up for an online class – despite the lack of physical resources and class space used by the student.

Technology fee

Allowing for accessibility of resources for the success of students, UNO recognizes the importance of staying up to date with the ever-changing world of technology.

Cultural Enrichment Fee

Many students are not aware of the meaning behind this charge. Cultural enrichment is experiencing another culture and being exposed to their traditions. In the cashiering pamphlet on the UNO website, it explains UNO allows students to be exposed to cultural events by theater, music, art and writer’s workshop – i.e. students can attend events with no additional charge. It also helps to support productions, maintain facilities and staff.