St. Andrews: Pub with a passion for personality


By Chase Winter, Contributor

Stereotyping runs rampant throughout high school and college. 

Judging by looks, you can stereotype someone as a “frat boy” or “hippie chick” or anything that comes to mind anywhere in-between. It is unique and refreshing to break from stereotypes and know someone genuinely.

The same can be said for St. Andrews Pub on the corner of Maple and 61st streets.

Often stereotyped as a “soccer bar” or “golf bar,” St. Andrews Pub is more than meets the eye. Yes, it caters to soccer fans by opening early on weekends to watch soccer. Yes, golf fans can get their fix there.

What riles up general manager Kelly King is St. Andrews is more than just a stereotypical “sports bar.”
King, who formerly worked at Jake’s Cigars & Spirits, said St. Andrews has the feel of a smaller bar that can relate to customers with a “laid back” feel catering to what people want.
St. Andrews, right next to Beercade, has been open for 10 months. The pub relishes in its celebration for lesser-known holidays like World Penguin Day (April 25) and National Shrimp Scampi Day (April 29).
On Arbor Day, “all trees drink for free” and on Groundhog Day, prices drop 50 cents every time a customer orders the same drink.
The main feeling King wants St. Andrews to exude is a feeling of welcome for those who want to watch sports as well as those wanting to do their own thing. As King said: “You’re welcome and you going to feel comfortable here. Drink like a king or pauper; either way you’re a prince.”
Among those charmed by the pub’s allure is Benjamin Schriever, a stu-dent at UNO and soccer fan. Often in attendance Saturday morning to watch soccer matches, Schriever is a fan of the diversity of pub patrons.
“You don’t have to be one select kind of person in order to have a good experience there,” Schriever said.
On the selection of drinks offered at the pub, Schriever leans towards one of the less expensive lager beers, Tennents. Offered alongside Tennents are a plethora of beers, whiskeys and other alcohols sure to please the pickiest of patrons, not to mention Jameson Irish Whiskey on tap.
The personality and sensation that is St. Andrews Pub is difficult to convey in typed words on paper. The only true way to experience the phenomenon is by taking the short trip to Benson and visiting the establishment and conversing with the diverse, familial crowd.
If soccer or golf gets you going, if you want a relaxing space to have good conversations and connect with people, or even if you want to watch the annual Crabtucky Derby (yes, that is a thing), chart a course for St. Andrews in Benson. Your inner dork will thank you.
Photo by Evan Ludes/ The Gateway Fans gather at St. Andrews to watch European soccer games
Photo by Evan Ludes/ The Gateway
Fans gather at St. Andrews to watch European soccer games