Snow-maggedon, again


By Jenn Czuba, Contributor

With every major storm, there is some sort of emergency to alert the masses. With winter storm Q, it was just the same. Why the hysteria for a storm that has been known about for days or even over a week? We heard the severe intensity of the storm, how massive it was going to be, what supplies were needed. It was like we never experienced a storm before. Some might have bought into the hype a little too much, preparing to be snowed in and running to the store and stocking up on survival supplies.
Ok, I’ll admit the excitement of the snowstorm is easy to get caught up in. Even we went out and got a few supplies.   There is a thrill in the thought of surviving a massive storm, like we did in October of 97. And maybe that’s where the hype came from.           
On the other hand, hype can bring stress. The sad thing is some people generalized everything about what they hate about snow. No matter how much snow we’re expecting, whether it’s an inch or a foot there is always going to be a few grumbling about the weather.  About how the roads aren’t good or how the snow is the cause of everything going wrong.
Yet, they stay, never moving to warmer states or leaving, and feeding the hype even more with every grumble and whine. Not like it’s typical that we generally get snow in winter or that we need moisture due to our drought. The meteorologist feed off of these people and vice versa.  
The news will even dwell on the storm for days on end especially when they can only make a guess and keep changing the amount, what it feels like, every time you turn around.  It becomes more of a guessing game or, “Let’s see how our viewers will react to this.”
I don’t understand the anxiety of snowstorms. The storms pass within a day or so at the most. And we start to dig out, once again, and return to our daily lives. We got a decent snowfall. Even though other states got hit harder and more unexpectedly (I’m looking at you, Arizona).
The hype was helpful in preparation for the city at least.  The snowplows did a good job and got the plows right on the roads.  Luckily, the traffic stayed down, and schools were canceled.  Omaha, we survived this snow-maggedon. And now everything is just as it was, until the next storm hits.