Sleeper Agent plays Waiting Room


By Krystal Sidzyik, Senior Staff Writer

Sleeper Agent, a girl-led pop/rock band from Bowling, Ky., played to a small but energetic crowd Sept. 20 at The Waiting Room Lounge. The six-piece band features Alex Kandel on lead vocals, Tony Smith on guitar/vocals, Justin Wilson on drums, Lee Williams on bass, Scott Gardner on keyboard/synth and Josh Martin on lead guitar. Bazooka Shootout, an Omaha band, opened for Sleeper Agent.

Bazooka Shootout took the stage at 9:30 p.m. and played for approximately 45 minutes. Their set was very upbeat and fun. The drums intertwined with guitar to create an impressive flowing sound along with the vocals of a very melodic lead singer. The band was funny as well as talented, telling the crowd they had “a square root of nine songs left” before ending their set.

Sleeper Agent is a relatively new, up and coming band, so the crowd was small.  But their sound didn’t disappoint. Influenced predominately by pop and rock, their music also had an underlying indie sound. Their performance was full of energy; it included bursts of electronic and sudden moments of soft tones. The crowd danced to the set as the band played on. The only complaint from fans was they wished the band would have played longer.

Sleeper Agent formed in 2008. They spent the last year touring with Cage the Elephant and now they are headlining their own tour. The talent in the band is undeniable. Lead singer Kandel is only 18-years-old. Her vocals are strong and, upon hearing her, one would never guess that she is just out of high school. Sleeper Agent released their first studio album, “Celebrasion,” digitally on Aug. 2 and physically on Sept. 27. The first single from the album, “Get It Daddy”, was featured as iTunes’ “Free Single of the Week” in July and August.

“Celebrasion” is an album not to miss out on. A combination of vocals from Kandel and Smith can be found on some of the tracks including, “Some White Monster” and “All Wave and No Goodbye.” “White Monster” is vivacious and melodic. “Goodbye” has softer tones, proving the band is capable of variety.  

Their sound is unique and unlike typical pop/rock bands. According to the band’s website, “The key to Sleeper Agent’s steady ascent is disarmingly simple: the band members know how to laugh at themselves, and their songs are joyously melodic.”