Seafood that will make you say “shucks”


Derek Munyon
Arts & Entertainment Editor

The nautical theme may not be the most inviting or romantic, but Shucks on Leavenworth has the food to entice. The small, 2 room restaurant is at the tail end of a strip mall with few windows and some of the worst parking I’ve experienced, but don’t let that stop you.

The restaurant focuses mainly on seafood and, as the name suggests, has a selection of oysters on the half shell. These raw morsels may be too much for some, but they’re something I would recommend. Blue points ($1.29 each) are pretty common and pretty cheap, they have a meaty, slightly salty seawater flavor that is a good place to start for anyone eating oysters. Shucks changes their oyster bar up daily, but many stay consistent and are served with lemon wedges and cocktail sauce.

If you’re still feeling fairly adventurous after the oysters, the ahi tuna sandwich ($14.99) is an excellent choice. You can choose between well done or rare for you tuna and in my opinion, rare is the only way to go. Tuna has a tendency to be dry and bland when cooked and it’s no different here. However, the rare tuna is bursting with fishy, sweetness that is wonderfully complemented with a well-seasoned, seared or blackened crust and a tangy sauce.

The “Codwich” ($11.99) and the seared salmon sandwich ($12.99), which is a flavorful, thick cut salmon fillet with a tangy remoulade, are safe choices. The salmon is well cooked and seasoned right, however, I think the interaction with the citrusy and slightly dill remoulade provides an odd flavor mixture that I only find successful part of the time.

The crab cake appetizer ($7.99 for one) was a huge disappointment. It was a dry patty of bland canned crab that was fried to near burnt. The only prevalent flavor here was fry oil. I have a hard time with crab cakes already, no one seems to make a good one, relying mostly on the fried aspect, but this cake did nothing to improve my view.

Shucks’ menu is huge, including other dishes like jambalaya ($14.99), crawfish etouffee ($15.99), fish and chips ($8.99) and ahi chopp salad ($15.99). The restaurant doesn’t have much to offer folk who don’t like fish, but they do have wings (6 for $6.99), chicken pesto sandwich ($10.99) and the “Shucks Burger” ($10.99), which is an 8 oz. angus patty done however you like.

There are three locations of Shucks throughout Omaha, one on Leavenworth, Pacific and one in Legacy. The restaurant isn’t necessarily the place for a romantic dinner, or the place for a cheap bite to eat. It’s a laid back nautical bar feel with a casual dress code. If you’re a fan of fish or just want to kick back with some friends and share a few beers and some oysters, this is the place for you.

Shucks, located on 19th and Leavenworth streets, offers fresh seafood.
Shucks, located on 19th and Leavenworth streets, offers fresh seafood.