Safety walk to improve campus


By Jackson Booth, Reporter


Five students attended a Safety Walk that started at Milo Bail Student Center (MBSC) on Oct. 4. The walk was organized by Student Government and led by College of Public Affairs and Community Service Student Senator, Kyle Broich.

Broich is a sophomore majoring in Aviation, and this is his first year on student government. As a senator, he is involved in the Campus Improvement Committee. 

“It’s something different but I like it,” Broich said.

Broich was approached by Student Body President-Regent Devin Bertelsen to create an event that would promote awareness of safety concerns on UNO’s campus. The University of Kentucky has organized Safety Walks in the past, which helped serve as a model, Broich said. 

“I have never done anything like this before,” Broich said. “I sent out invitations, [got] RSVP’s. It was a fairly simple process. It just took a lot of time.” 

The walk began at MBSC, where students  were given a camera and piece of paper to document safety hazards at nine different sections throughout campus. Students were expected to take photos of the hazard, describe the problem, document its location and priority, and give the photo a number to correspond with the description.

“The only issue is getting the pictures and putting them with the correct ones [surveys],” Broich said. “Some of the pictures weren’t clean.”

One of the disappointments that Broich discussed about the walk, was the low student turnout. 

“This is the first event and nobody knew what it was,” Broich said. “The biggest obstacle was getting the word out there.” 

Despite the small turnout, Broich was thrilled that many administrators, security personnel, and maintenance staff were able to attend. 

“I liked the administrators coming out because they were walking around and looking. They want their campus better,” Broich said. 

Broich was also pleased that many issues were brought up as a result of the walk. Things like cracks in sidewalks and broken handrails and others were mentioned. The walk focused on core areas including student health, crime prevention, cameras, and lighting. Lighting is an important issue to Broich

“Lighting is a big thing at night especially if you’re here around 12:30 at night. This is why we’re going to do a night time walk [in the future],” Broich said.

Overall, Broich was very pleased at the event and said that Student Government is planning on organizing future events like this. Student Government will potentially be able to host the event bi-annually and have two walks, one during the day and one at night. 

Student Government has been given a lot of support because of the walk from administrators, including the Chancellor. This reinforcement was very important to the Student Government.

“This event was not only a success because of their [administrators] encouragement but also their suggestions in helping us plan our event,” Bertelsen said. “Student Government plans to continue to make safety a priority and we hope to plan another Safety Walk in the spring.”

As a result of Broich’s efforts in organizing the Safety Walk, he was awarded the Above and Beyond Excellence Award at the Student Government meeting on Sept. 27.

“I feel good [about the award],” Broich said. “It doesn’t happen that often. I feel I put a lot of work into it, and they noticed it.”