SAC honors venerated astronaut


By Carsib Cederberg, Contributor

The University of Nebraska Omaha Aviation Institute and the Hawker Beachcraft Corporation honored retired NASA astronaut Robert “Hoot” Gibson last Thursday, April 3rd. Gibson was awarded the William F. Shea Award at the Strategic Air and Space Museum and spoke of the Charles W. Durham Distinguished Guest Lecture Series. Gibson was chosen to receive the award for his contributions to aviation and aerospace.

After receiving the William Shea award, Gibson was asked to speak at the lecture.

“His passion and dedication to the aviation and aerospace industry make him the ideal candidate for this event,” Scott Vlasek, interim director of the Aviation Institute, said.

SAC museum guests were invited to enjoy the free banquet and have the enriching opportunity to hear Gibson.

“It was awesome to listen to someone who I someday want to become like,” aviation student Payton Shay said.

Gibson has flown almost 130 different types of aircrafts and is nicknamed “the man who has flown everything.” Robert Gibson dedicated his life to a career of aviation and earned his position as featured guest speaker for the Durham lecture, which honored his legacy and inspired both the aviation field and UNO Institute of Aviation.