Roof sentenced to death



Kaylee Pierce

Dylann Roof walked into Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina June 17, 2015 with a gun and the intention to start a race war. By the time he walked out, only five of the 14 parishioners survived.

Roof has been featured in the news lately for his trial concerning this widely discussed shooting. Hundreds of articles range from telling the story to biographies on Roof. It has been debated whether or not he should face the death penalty.

Roof killed nine people and in most of his accounts on video, in articles, through witness testimonies and more, he simply says he had to it. There isn’t so much as an obvious twinge of regret for what he did. He planned this massacre. He thought about it beforehand. He said he wanted a race war to stem from his actions.

Roof was sentenced to the death penalty and I full-heartedly agree with this sentence. People willing to take lives, willing to plan and carry out massacres, shouldn’t be allowed to walk the prison halls. While it would be great for him to think about what he did, I don’t think that would happen. Roof admitted to what he did, represented himself and said he was of sane mind. It appears as if he doesn’t regret a thing.

“In my [FBI confession] tape I told them I had to. But it’s not true: I didn’t have to. No one made me,” Roof said in an interview with NBC. “What I meant was: I felt like I had to do it. I still feel like I have to do it.”

In trial, Roof didn’t ask for a life sentence instead of the death penalty. He didn’t ask for forgiveness. Nor did he enter an insanity plea. He knew what he was getting into. He would have to have known what the result would be if he went through with his planned massacre. Roof was sane when he planned and carried out the shooting. Killing someone with a sane mind, feeling no regret, this deserves the death penalty. I will stand with the sentence Roof got–death. I always will.

Family members of those nine people have to live the rest of their lives knowing their loved ones were killed in a place of worship. What Roof did is wrong on so many levels. Honestly, the death penalty is too light for someone like Roof. Roof lost his right to freedom and a life when he went to a bible study and shot down nine people. He needs to be put to death for his actions.