Rollerson to receive honorary degree in wake of tragedy


Jared Kennedy
News Editor

Passionate, enlightened, caring, driven—these are just a few of the captivating adjectives left floating amongst sorrow after the tragic loss of Antwaun Rollerson.

A business student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and president of UNO’s Kappa Alpha Psi chapter, Rollerson was a very involved individual both on and off campus. Friends and family say he was always willing to help people, especially kids.

Rollerson’s sister NaTasha Rollerson says being a good example and role model for younger kids, especially his siblings, was important to him.

“I was the first in the family to get a bachelors and it was very important to Antwaun that he follow in that—to set a good example for our younger siblings,” Rollerson said.

Rollerson passed on July 10 in a single-car accident while leaving McMillan Magnet School, losing control of his vehicle near 42nd and Sorenson. He was not wearing a seatbelt.

Dustin Wolfe, assistant director of fraternity and sorority life at UNO, says Rollerson was in a leadership position almost immediately upon getting involved in greek life, and that he impacted anyone who had the opportunity to know him.

“In a population of 650 individuals …all of them may not have known who he was, but those he did know he made an impact on,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe says Rollerson had a good personality, a good demeanor and a willingness to believe in what the organization stood for, putting that in the forefront of his actions.

“He had a large imprint on this community,” Wolfe said.

In the wake of her brothers passing, NaTasha Rollerson founded the Antwaun Rollerson Foundation. The mission of the foundation has much in common with what Antwaun himself valued highly—education. The foundation will potentially offer scholarship money in conjunction with a driving school to help young people in Omaha get proper driver’s education. In addition, the foundation may also offer a scholarship through UNO available to Central High School graduates.

“Those little things like wearing a seatbelt matter—they count. So often people don’t put their kids in driver’s education classes because they can’t afford it,” Rollerson said.  “He was so involved with the youth, I would also love for the foundation to have a relationship with local children’s organizations.”

Rollerson said the foundation is in the process of constructing a board of directors and securing a fundraising director.

James Freeman, UNO director of multicultural affairs, says Rollerson was always on time and on task, that he was a leader for everyone around him.

“Everyone liked him. He was one of those people who brought people together,” Freeman said.

Rollerson regularly volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club of Omaha, especially in the North Omaha Unit. He donated much his time mentoring young people, guiding them and setting a good example.

UNO spokesman Charley Reed has confirmed that Antwaun Rollerson will be awarded an honorary bachelors degree from the school of business.