Results of the 2004 UNO Student Government Elections, Oct. 12-13


Student/President Regent

To be determined in run-off election

Vice President

To be determined in run-off election

Class Senators

Graduate class: Linda Sedjro and Jeff Leanna

Senior class: Molly Miller and Peter Muon

Junior class: Jane Splittgerber and Katie Kersch

Sophomore class: John P. Coleman and Ryan Tushner

Freshman class: Sheena Kennedy and Melanie D. Schreiber

College senators

Arts and Sciences: Amanda Schofield, Matt Chrisman, Aaron J. Gilliland, Kyla Sanden, Layne DeSpiegelaere and Alexander Williams.

Business Administration: Justin Farivari, Josh Shipman and Mike White

Public Affairs and Community Service: Tyler Christian Block and Jason Lammers

Education: Steve Massara and VaShawn Smith

Engineering and Technology: Sarah Nieves

Graduate College: Joseph Charbonneau

Information Science and Technology: Justin Ptacnik

University Division: Shayna Royal