Relaxing in the Sun: Summer-time fun; Relax, stay young


Written by Noelle Ashley

Every college student knows we that all prematurely sign out of school a few weeks prior to finals week.  All of the #TBT’s and summer goal tweets consume our every thought. Why do we do this to ourselves? The answer is: we can’t help it. Once the cold, winter gloom crawls away and the sun starts to shine and that fresh taste of warmth on a beautiful sunny day is all we need, and we’re signed out of school for the rest of the semester- lights out, UNO. The idea of spending three months doing absolutely nothing but shuffle to work and bask in the sun, sipping on sweet tea is the life we all deserve after a long semester of cramming and composing works.  The remainder of spring semester is often spent reflecting on past summers and planning for the approaching summer. Allow me to run you through some top-shelf tips on how to remove the voice of demotivation hanging over your left shoulder.
Step one: Remove oneself from all the excess funk- What this essentially entails is stepping away from the party buses, the Old Market hype and late night hangs. This is the home stretch, folks- removing yourself from all of these “poisonous” environments and kicking it to the library is actually “trending” now- do it. Additional perks: the library has surprisingly rocking panini’s for an exceptionally low price; you can’t tell me your mouth isn’t watering from the crave for knowledge and spicy Italian sustenance.
Step two: Meditation is said to be one of the most useful forms of motivational activities. I’m not advising you to suddenly pick up a new religion or a love for Buddha and incent burning or anything. Sometimes taking some time to yourself to think everything through can do some good for getting you back on track with school. Meditation goes hand-in-hand with reflection. It’s good to think about the semester as a whole and then consider what there is left to be done before throwing it all away. Stop and breath- take the semester into your hands and give ‘er a big sloppy kiss, she deserves to stay around and so do you.
The third and final step: Ways to stay motivated when actually working on study guides, group projects and whatever have you. Not a lot of people know about this wonderful function your phone holds so dearly to it’s hardware- the “do not disturb” setting. Allow me to explain this lovely technique and the effectiveness it may have on your studies- simply swipe your bottom utilities menu up and push the moon icon. Once you complete a large chunk of an assignment or complete a set of notecards, reward yourself by checking a few social media updates or whatever suites your media needs.
Many of us cloud our brains with the thirst for summer-time fun. All we need to do is remember all of the hard work we put into the semester and push just a few feet further. Take a snooze, recollect and reward. The end of the semester monster will go back to his cave when you stand up and show him who is boss. Good luck, fellow Mavs.