Red Wanting Blue plays The Waiting Room Lounge


By Staff Report

The stage at The Waiting Room was set with Christmas lights, lights shaped like owls and painted portraits. Red Wanting Blue took to the festive set Jan. 31. 

The alternative five-member band filled the venue. Scott Terry, lead singer, helped start the band in 1996 in Athens, Ohio.
 Terry’s versatility was apparent as he played tenor guitar and ukulele. He was joined by band members Mark McCullough, bass; Greg Rahm, guitarist and keyboardist; Dean Anshutz, drums, and Eric Hall, on lap steel and mandolin.
The majority of songs were played from their 2011 album, From the Vanishing Point. Most memorable of the set list was You Are My Las Vegas and Where You Wanna Go. Those songs had the crowd at its loudest.
The crowd, which was mostly made up of college aged middle aged folks, slowly made their way from the bar to the front of the stage as Red Wanting Blue got further into their set.
Fans showed their support, holding their phones high, constantly snapping photos and videos of the performance.
Red Wanting Blue concluded the show on a high note.  As the lights dimmed and audience members backed away from the stage, Terry thanked the crowd.  Saying that it was a good feeling to be back in the Midwest.