Q&A with local band After the Fall



Local band After the Fall formed in late 2005 and features Justin Inget on vocals, Casey Minkten on guitar and Justin Eatherton on drums. Derek Stearns, a UNO senior pursuing a bachelor’s of science in accounting, plays guitar for the band. Steven Stojka, a UNO alumni with a bachelor’s in studio art technology, is After the Fall’s bassist.

iTunes describes After the Fall as alternative rock. In  March 2007 they released their first EP, “We Invented a World,” and recently released their album”You Don’t Have to Sleep to Dream.”

The Gateway caught up with After the Fall guitarist Derek Sterns to get some more info on the local prodigies:


Jasmine Maharisi: How long has After the Fall been together? How did it form?

Derek: After the Fall formed when guitarist Casey Mintken and vocalist Justin Inget’s first band fell apart. Around the same time, a project that drummer Justin Eatherton was in found themselves without a singer. Through a mutual acquaintance, the two partial groups were brought to each other’s attention. A short try-out followed and the band quickly began playing shows, combining songs from each band. This line-up was short-lived and current bassist Steven Sojka joined the band in spring of 2006. ATF continued as a four piece before I came on as a second guitarist in the spring of 2008.

JM: How would you describe the band’s sound? What do you do to achieve this sound?

Derek: Our sound is an edgy alternative sound with lots of rock and distortion.  I would say that we are not a band you will find in a techno club, but we like to appreciate a variety of music. We also cover pop songs such as T.I., Michael Jackson, and B.O.B. to name a few, but enjoy putting our own spin on it.

JM: Who are some of the band’s musical influences?

Derek: The Used, Lost Prophets, Saosin, Anberlin, Incubus and many more.

JM: Where all have you played/will play in the upcoming future?

Derek: We are just played March 18 at The Waiting Room (where we have played countless shows) and March 31 at the Strauss Performing Arts Center. We have also played at Sokol Auditorium opening for Sick Puppies in November 2009 and Coheed and Cambria last October as well as other venues in Benson, the Roxbury and almost any bar in Omaha that we could fit our gear into. We’ve also played in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. We also have an upcoming show April 16 at the Slowdown.

JM: Describe the inspiration behind your latest album “You Don’t Have to Sleep to Dream.”

Derek: The inspiration from “You Don’t Have to Sleep to Dream” is not a cohesive thought per se, but definitely a mixture of the band’s individual pasts and future as a group, which actually meld and fit very well together. Vocalist Justin Inget, reflects a lot on his past about his life and relationships in LA.  Most of it is darker and personal fact and some elaborated fiction, but the album also finds ways to make light of certain relationships and has a optimistic feel toward the end of many of the songs, fitting the name.

JM: What do you hope listeners will get from your music?

Derek: It may be a cliche, but we hope that listeners can find any connection they need. Whether it’s through emotion as a result of circumstance, encouragement or pure entertainment, we hope that we embody a positive influence for youth and anybody willing to listen.


Catch After the Fall performing live at the Slowdown April 16.