Professor’s photography on display


By Carson Cederberg, Contributor

University of Nebraska Omaha professor Christine Reed hosted a photography exhibit at the Healing Arts Center of Omaha in the Old Market, focused on the Pryor Mountain Range in Lovell, Wyo.

The exhibit, titled “Still Wild: Horses of the Big Horn Canyon,” captured the freedom of the horses living within the canyon. Reed’s event was aimed at informing her audience of the success of the Pryor Mountain Range and conveying the special beauty of the wild horses.

Reed has been a faculty member at UNO since 1982. As a Regents Foundation professor in the School of Public Administration, Reed’s main teaching and research interests are administrative law and environmental policy and ethics. A special focus of Reed’s research is on the public management of wild horses. She has also served as chair of the doctoral program committee.

The images in Reed’s show focus on wild horses in the western landscape of Wyoming. The Bighorn Canyon national recreation area straddles the border of Wyoming and Montana and encompasses a deep gorge of the canyon. The horses and the dramatic landscape are part of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range and are depicted in the photographs in Reed’s exhibit.

The exhibit not only caught the eye of viewers but was also able to inform. The exhibit used the power of photography to draw in viewers and give them something more, as her exhibit informed them of the Pryor Mountain Range.

The Center focuses on a mission of creating dynamic space for holistic healing, education, performing arts and community. Reed’s exhibit created a sense of healing as viewers of the exhibit were taken away by the beauty of nature.

In the past, Reed has hosted shows featuring the horses of Wyoming from a close-up perspective In her most recent show she decided to feature a new, wider view of the horses and the land they interacted with.

“The new view showing off the natural beauty of the landscape became very popular with viewers,” Reed said.

Reed’s exhibit was part of the gallery walk of the Old Market during its display. The gallery walk is a chance for art seekers to tour the many galleries of the Old Market.

“Dr. Reed’s exhibit was a nice addition to the gallery walk,” UNL student Hayley Nelson said.

Reed’s photos show the animals in the natural beauty of the Wyoming landscape. Pryor Mountain Range showcased the tranquil effect of its landscape with the subtle salmon and red hues of the high desert within the canyon contrasting against the deep blue of the landscapes sky. The calming effect of Reed’s exhibit was well suited to the Omaha Healing Arts Center.

Reed’s photography will remain on display through November.