By Devin Bertelsen, Student Body President

Welcome back! If you are like me, you are probably wondering where summer went. Although our vacations were short lived – we have been busy in the Student Government office preparing for the year ahead of us.
One of the big projects we have been trying to connect student with is the MavRide program. In the past two years, we have partnered with the Omaha Metro Bus System to provide students with an affordable way to class. And when I say affordable, I mean FREE!
With the growing popularity of MavRide, this year we increased the number of passes by 200. Although it is a free ride to you, these passes are to be used for transportation from your home to the UNO campus. Of course with being no cost to the students, they are only available on a first-come-basis and need to be renewed at the beginning of fall and spring semester.
Ready for your ride? MavRide passes are available now in the Student Government office with your MavCard but don’t hesitate to pick one up because they will be gone before you know it.
Like any college student we love free stuff! So not only do we have free bus passes, we have an overstock of free planners to keep you on track this school year! And if you aren’t aware, inside is a variety of coupons and deals that might save you a few dollars.
Last but not least, this year we want to focus on letting your voice be heard – so tell us what you think! Don’t hesitate to contact your Student Government representative, tell us on Facebook or stop by our office.