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Photo Courtesy of iTunes.com
Photo Courtesy of iTunes.com

Sophie Clark

There’s a new app being talked about all over the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s campus. Pocket Points is quickly gaining popularity among students. Designed for college students, this app works from inside students’ pockets, rewarding those who lock their phone during class and study hours.

Pocket Points was created by 23-year-old Mitch Gardner, who attended the University of California State.

Gardner cofounded the app along with Rob Richardson, a member of his fraternity, when they noticed many of their classmates were constantly distracted by their cell phones in class.

Their solution? Free food. Gardner calls the reward a “pretty good incentive for a college student.”

In select college campuses, Pocket Points is free to download and students are able to earn points to save up and use towards businesses in their towns.

Not only can students use their points in restaurants, but in places like clothing stores and yoga studios. According to Gardner, the app is a “win-win-win.”

Pocket Points was launched at the University of Nebraska at Omaha this semester at HPER After Dark.
Not only does the app present opportunities for its student users, but also for marketing students such as Maura Hanzek.

Hanzek is a junior studying marketing and management and is involved with promoting the app at UNO.
After hearing about the position, Hanzek said she was “excited for doors the position could potentially offer” and pursued her involvement with the company. She began promoting the app by putting fliers into the free fanny packs given out at HPER After Dark.

Since then, Hanzek has seen a wide reception of Pocket Points among students and calls the app “highly interactive” within the UNO community.

Hanzek has gotten the word out to students like sophomore Sara Watson, who heard about Pocket Points through her sorority and downloaded the app during HPER After Dark to get 15 free points.

Watson uses the app as “often as possible” while she’s on campus.

“It really motivates me to stay off my phone while I’m studying,” Watson said.

Watson said the app is motivating because it allows her to see when other UNO students are using the app on campus.

“I have a ton of friends who use Pocket Points and would absolutely recommend it,” Watson said.

Currently, Watson has enough points to get free food at Runza, Smashburger and Arby’s.

With over 15,000 students and less than 1,000 downloads so far, Hanzek said there is still much room for Pocket Points to grow at UNO.

In the future, Hanzek hopes “to see Pockets Points not only become more beneficial to students, but also become a part of UNO’s culture.”




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