Panini panic: Sandwich hiatus sparks concern among students


By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor

There is nothing quite like trekking through the library on a chilly day for a warm sandwich. Yes, I am referring to the iconic paninis exclusively found in the library café.
For years, students and faculty have been taking this campus delicacy for granted. Our worst fears have now been realized; the paninis are gone.
Panini, or panino, is a warmed sandwich made with bread other than the typical sliced variety. Ciabatta, baguette or rosetta bread is more commonly used, as the sandwich has Italian roots.
One must wonder why the panini is no longer a reality, as its success is unmatched in study grub at the library.
I recently went undercover with a team member of the café and found that there are, in fact, no paninis currently. However, the café is now stocked with a variety of new cold sandwiches.
Unsatisfied, I probed some further to see if the panini was on an indefinite vacation from the menu.
As it turns out, management is looking into a new “warming device” for the return of the panini.
This could mean a change in the panini taste and experience with new preparation methods. The question is whether or not the new style will fulfill the cravings of the foodies on campus.
The reason behind the abrupt disappearance was due to safety, as the old machine was a fire hazard. Sources also mentioned that work is being done to improve ventilation.
I value the safety and upkeep of our amazing library, so the actions are understandable.
A lot of people have been praying to the Sandwich Gods for the return of their favorite school fuel.
Let us come together in our time of need to hope for a new and improved warming solution to the Panini Panic of 2014.