Open your mind at the OM Center


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Will Patterson

From the moment one walks into the Omaha Healing Arts Center, also known as the OM Center, they are instantly enveloped in a beautiful setting composed of art from across the world. One of the most noticeable pieces being the authentic Tibetan sand painting encased in the herbal tea bar’s counter.
The shop is a one of kind in Omaha. Within its doors lies the perfect chance for students to explore something unlike anything they’ve seen or participated in before.

“I’d see places like this all over the world,” said Sandy Aquila, the founder and director of the Omaha Healing Arts Center. “Because Omaha is my home, I decided to bring these amazing and people here.”

Aquila’s efforts have kept the establishment thriving with a variety of unique opportunities for all audiences. Through her connections she brings the knowledge and beauty of the world right to the Omaha citizen’s doorstep.

One of the goals of the Omaha Healing Arts Center is to offer services that would be other-wise unavailable to the Omaha public. Available services range from holistic healing from the far reaches of the world to educational lectures that bring distant cultures into perspective.

On the healing side of the spectrum is a clinic with therapists from an assortment of practices. Acupuncture and hot stone massages are only scraping the surface of the treatments one can find at the center.

The holistic healing one can find at the Omaha Healing Arts Center not only focuses on healing the body but also the spirit and mind.

While healing may be a major focus of the center’s business, it remains only a fraction of what it has to offer. Events from all realms of the performing arts take place from time to time.

One event held the second Saturday of every month is the OM Center’s poetry slam, which has been recognized as a National Poetry Venue for Nebraska. Open mic, followed by the slam itself, gives the aspiring author and artist a chance to express themselves before an open-minded audience at this literature based competition.

Students seeking cultural enlightenment are given the chance with the events brought to the Omaha Healing Arts Center.

An upcoming event that gives attendants a new perspective and story is the return of Tibetan Monks to OM Center for a week from Sept. 7 to Sept. 14. During this time, the monks will grant insight into the cultural and religious lives of many exiled Tibetans now living in India and across the world.

Events throughout the week of the monk’s stay in Omaha help raise money for their monastery in India, where they live in exile. Money raised from their time in Omaha will be put toward helping alleviate the struggles of the many Tibetan refugees and monks in their region.

“Open your mind to things you’ve never seen – or even heard of before,” Aquila said on why a visit to the Omaha Healing Arts Center is essential for those looking to expand their horizons.

More information on the healing practices available or events taking place at the Omaha Healing Arts Center are available on their website,