Omaha police arrest man for allegedly streaking on UNO’s Pacific Campus


What in the world is going on at the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s campus?

Apparently, the Omaha police are on speed dial, that’s what.

On Wednesday morning, a student was arrested for allegedly pulling a knife on another student in the campus library. A few hours later, sometime Wednesday afternoon, Omaha police were called to the Pacific Campus (formerly known as the South Campus) to check out a report of a man streaking down the street.

By the sight here, “allegedly” seems like a wafty word to use here.

The man face down on the cold, wet concrete parking lot was taken into police custody.

An afternoon phone call to campus security could neither confirm or deny the reports of a streaker on South campus, but we thank Ryan Downing (aka @dyanrowning) for tweeting this image.


The best part of this image is the man holding the umbrella above the streaker.

Hope he doesn’t catch a cold.

*** UPDATE 5:34 p.m. Wednesday ***

UNO Campus officials said “a medical squad was called to Pacific Campus earlier today to respond to a disturbance and an individual was taken to a local hospital.”

No further details were reported.