Omaha native, movie producer Erich Hover films new movie on UNO campus

Photo courtesy of University Communications Brett Cullen, who played a role in "Dark Knight Rises," drives a maintenance vehicle on campus during the filming of "It Snows All the Time"
Photo courtesy of University Communications
Brett Cullen, who played a role in “Dark Knight Rises,” drives a maintenance vehicle on campus during the filming of “It Snows All the Time”

By Jackson Taylor, News Editor

This October, Omaha native and movie producer Erich Hover chose University of Nebraska at Omaha’s campus as part of the setting for his new movie, “It Snows All the Time.”
Erich Hover- writer, producer, and actor in the film- is the son of the man the lead character is based on. Hover worked alongside Brad Pitt in “Moneyball” and also starred in horror movie “Sardines.”
Hover was born in 1979 in Omaha and graduated from Omaha Benson High School. He then went on to earn a degree in organizational communication and a minor in marketing from the University of Nebraska-Kearney in 2002.
Hover began his acting career nine years ago, appearing in local commercials for Horseshoe Casino and the Iowa Lottery. “It Snows All the Time” will be his first project as a producer.
Hover spends a lot of time in Omaha to visit family, and thus chose to film in the Omaha-area.
He saw UNO as the perfect place to film parts of the movie. He is partnering with several Omahans in the movie business including filmmaker Derek Baker and executive producer Jeff Burton.
The movie is a drama based on a true story about Hover’s family’s struggles with loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimers.
Erich’s father is stricken with Frontotemporal Dementia. The movie tells his father’s story. Ed Hover was born in Omaha in 1950. After high school, he received degrees in Biology and Ecology from UNO. Ed got married and raised three boys. He did everything he could to keep a sharp in healthy mind, including reading a book a week, traveling and exercising.
However, nothing could stop the symptoms of Dementia/Alzheimer’s that began showing up when Ed was 58. Four years later, the disease has drastically affected his memory and behavior.
“My goal is that it will become a vehicle to raise awareness about the disease and provide funding from its viewership to help support a cure,” Hover said.
The film is about a family sticking together through a difficult situation, showing the bonds between a father and his children and the love between husband and wife. The lead character, based on Erich’s father, is a former UNO employee named Paul, played by Brett Cullen. Paul is a character based on Erich Hover’s father.
Cullen’s impressive resume includes parts in “The Dark Knight,” “Red Dawn,” “LOST” and “Apollo 13.” Ten percent of the movies profits will be donated to Alzheimer’s/Dementia research.
The movie portrays an epidemic that is progressive, fatal and has no cure. In 2013, five million Americans have the disease. By 2050, an estimated 15 million people will have the disease. Someone develops the disease every 68 seconds and will cost the nation $203 billion.
Many UNO students were given the opportunity to be extras in the movie. They were used in a scene where Paul, the main character played by Brett Cullen, drove a grounds crew vehicle and picked up trash on campus.
The students were instructed to walk casually as if heading to class. When the scene was over, some students were able to talk to Cullen and some producers.
“Even though I was just an extra, it was a lot of fun,” said UNO student Hannah Klein.