New research lab in Mammel Hall opens doors for students


By Ashley Quintela, Contributor

The University of Nebraska at Omaha is known for its hockey team, a variety of diverse organizations and most recently, a behavioral research lab. The Jack and Stephanie Commerce and Applied Behavioral Laboratory (CAB Lab) is located in Mammel Hall. The CAB Research Lab was officially dedicated on Oct. 24.
“We are so grateful for the vision and generosity of the Koraleski family,” said Doug Derrick, assistant professor of IT innovation at the UNO College of Information Science and Technology.
“This lab will provide insights into some of the most important research questions of our day and will help unlock the connections between our thoughts, emotions, physiology and actions,” said Derrick. “These factors are the core of the human experience regardless of the field of Research. Thanks to the Koraleski’s foresight, UNO is now uniquely positioned to achieve meaningful understanding into these fundamental relationships.”
CAB will allow students and scholars to expand their knowledge on topics such as entrepreneurial insight, complex problem solving, individual and group cognition, team collaboration, cognitive biases in decision making, use of social media in extremist group’s propaganda and the emotional effects of online advertising.
The focus of the research projects will examine how online messages influence individuals. Scholars will study violent groups and the cognitive process that underlies the development of inventive solutions to solve management problems and the interaction of automation and human cognition when making decisions under pressure.
Students are excited to begin researching and learning more about the program.
“What I most like about the program is that it is going to be open to the media and will allow us to see how people react in times of crisis and stress, so they could see what people need in those situations and what could be done to solve the problem,” freshman Federico Valle said.
Though the lab will assist in student exploration, it will be led by a group comprised of faculty from the College of Business Administration and the College of Information Science and Technology.
Through this research lab, students will gain experience and learn about a prospective career goal. This lab is an opportunity for those majoring or with an interest in related fields of study.
“Since I am planning on minoring in IT innovation, it will help me look for new solutions to insights,” Valle said.
The new lab will provide researchers with tools in order to capture and analyze in depth neuro-physiological data by combining eye-tracking, pupil dilation, facial expression, skin conductance and electroencephalography.
“The lab will make a big impact in every student, especially the ones [pursuing a] business major or minor and to the ones in IT innovation majors or minors. It will effectively help them come up with new solutions for insights and research for new ideas,” Valle said.
The lab also has mobile components, which can be used for field research. This is a rare technological combination among business schools. Cambridge-based iMotions, the developer of the leading biometric and neuromarketing research platform, is partnering with the College of Business Administration to provide equipment/technology and software housed in the lab.
The lab will provide students with experience as well as give UNO an advanced research facility.