New Evil Dead series everything fans could want


Derek Munyon

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Ash is back and it’s groovy. The cult classic horror/comedy film series “The Evil Dead” has returned as a TV series on the premium cable network Starz. The first episode aired on Halloween.

When we last saw the series’ main protagonist, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), he was back in the present after defeating a Deadite army in Medieval England in the series’ third film “The Army of Darkness,” or had just woken up in a post-apocalyptic future after hibernating in a cave for too long… depending on which ending you prefer.

The Starz series obviously prefers the previous though, since we see Ash in the present, 30 years after the original film came out, still working at the retail store S-Mart.

In the series, Ash has mistakenly brought the Deadite hoards, supernatural creatures that are a mix between demons and zombies, back when he read from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, a human flesh bound book of evil incantations that he happens to have lying around, to impressed a girl after smoking too much weed.  In typical Ash fashion, he then decides that he wants nothing to do withthe hell that is about to befall the town and decides to skip out before things get bad, only to get sucked back in.

The series preview, which was directed by the original series’ director, Sam Raimi, better know for the original Spiderman trilogy, was everything an Evil Dead fan could have wanted.  The Deadites wereas odd and foul-mouthed as ever. Ash had all of his lame pun-lead-en quips and we also got some action with the character’s chainsaw hand and “boom stick,” a 12 gage, double-barreled Remington rifle from the sporting goods department of S-Mart.  

The episode includes a fight with an evil, animated baby doll as well.  It’s a return to the over-the-top gory fun that fans of the series didn’t get out of the surprisingly good, but extremely serious 2013 remake, directed by Fede Alvarez.

If you were a fan of the series,you’re going to love this show.  Itis hilarious and creepy (especial-ly if you ended up watching it in black and white like I did) and justa good time.  The new side characters, which include the moody Kelly Maxwell (Dana Delorenzo) and the optimistic immigrant Pablo Bolivar (Ray Santiago), who idolizes Ash, are pretty entertaining.  

 Future episodes will also feature LucyLawless who is best known from her popular 90’s character Xena from the show “Xena: WarriorPrincess,” which Sam Raimi was an executive producer on.
“Ash vs. Evil Dead” airs on Starz onSunday nights.  It’s everything you were hoping for.