Nebraska Medicine to simplify, centralize medical care


By Dough Cunningham, Contributor

We have all heard of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. However, many people have also heard of The Nebraska Medical Center (TNMC), UNMC Physicians (UNMC-P) or even Bellevue Medical Center in Sarpy County. All these names have caused some public confusion over the years. That is why, about two weeks ago, “the med center” announced a new name for the facilities around our state which provide care to patients: Nebraska Medicine.

“The fact is this: health care is changing,” said Paul Baltes, manager of corporate communications at The Nebraska Medical Center. “We are working to find new ways to improve the quality of medical care and also to change the way we provide it. We’re not really a ‘center’ if we are in 40 different locations around the area.”

The new name of Nebraska Medicine strives to lessen this confusion. However, our medical facilities are not just undergoing a renaming process—they are experiencing a complete rebranding.
“More than a name change of a new emblem, this transformation is a way to refocus the ways our experts provide health care,” Baltes said. “This new organization will foster even better collaboration between our 1,100 physicians and increase access to our 39 community clinics and two hospitals,”

As the med center grows larger, the need for a more cohesive entity for medical facilities grows more important.
Still, in the interest of not completely merging the two, some form of individuality was needed.

“It was decided that both TNMC and UNMC had very valuable branding that was highly recognizable, so the decision was made to share one logo, but let each entity keep their branding,” said Manager of the Office of Development Judy Booth.

Clearing up public confusion is helpful, but giving patients an easier time with bills and a seamless transition is a much more significant benefit.

“I strongly believe this new makeup should make life much easier for patients—and in the end that is the most important thing,” Booth states.

Some students at UNMC have mixed views.

“I was excited about the thought of a new name and logo,” said Jenna Woods, a fourth year student at the college of pharmacy. “I think the name, Nebraska Medicine, is strong and to the point, but I’m not crazy about the logo.”

Changing a logo and a name is a big deal, but for students, it seems, there isn’t much of a difference. The merge was mainly between TNMC and UNMC Physicians while the school, UNMC, remained separate.

Still, many students and the administration of Nebraska Medicine are enthusiastic and hope that the rebranding will reflect the growing prominence of Nebraska’s medical facilities on a global scale.

“I really like the new logo and think it has a more ‘important’ feel than the last one did,” Booth said. “We are making a name for ourselves nationally in certain areas and need to have a look that says we are a world-class facility.”