Motion City Soundtrack returns to Metro, plays downtown Slowdown


By Natali Bianco, Contributor


Fans lined up outside the Slowdown Sunday, Oct. 14 for the much anticipated return of Motion City Soundtrack to the Metro. 

Motion City Soundtrack (MCS) is a band from Minneapolis that’s been around for over a decade.  The band is made up of Justin Pierre  on lead vocals and guitar, Joshua Cain on lead guitar and back up vocals, Jesse Johnson on keyboard and moog synthesist, Matt Taylor  on bass and back up vocals and Tony Thaxton  on percussion and back up vocals.  

The band is currently touring their fifth album, titled “Go.”  It was no surprise the concert set list was made up of mostly tracks from “Go,” but MCS  also played a lot of the classics from previous albums like “Commit This to Memory,” “My Dinosaur Life,” “I Am the Movie” and “Even If It Kills Me.”

It was surprising, however, that throughout the concert there was barely any mention of the bands most recent and most interesting work, “Making Moves.”

“Making Moves” is the product of a collaboration of Drexel University’s MAD Dog Records and Motion City’s new record label, The Boombox Generation.  “Making Moves” isn’t your typical album, however.  It is a compilation of artists from the northeastern area that is curated by MCS. 

The project will be released as a limited edition 7 inch vinyl singles set.  Singles from the project have been periodically released since April 2012. 

MCS will only be recording two original tracks and one cover for the set.  The first of the two original singles, “Severance,” was released on Oct. 15. The song is available, free, at 

Lead Singer Justin Pierre told Billboard, “I think of all the songs, ‘Severance’ is my favorite because it’s really different, and I get to wail on the guitar — it’s my best Slash imitation.”

The cover will be of Rilo Kiley’s “Pictures of Success.”   Pierre told Billboard that this is one song that is sentimental to them. 

 “There’s one memory we have of all of us in a van touring and listening to that song, and then when the trumpets kick in in the original, everyone was just going nuts and making trumpet sounds with their mouths,” Pierre laughed. “It sounds dumb and stupid — and it really was — but it was like three in the morning driving somewhere and it was just a fond memory.”

Making Moves artists include: The Company We Keep, Brick + Mortar, Goldrush, The Skies Revolt and A Great Big Pile of Leaves.

The complete set will be released on Nov. 6th.  MCS will end their current tour on Nov. 18th in their hometown of Minneapolis.

You can listen to releases from “Go” and preorder “Making Moves” at