“Millennial” term full of negativity


Brooke Criswell
Online Content Manager

There have been many studies conducted that seem to show a more negative view of our generation, the “millennials”, as opposed to to positive traits. Some of the research out there has provided data that implies we are lazy, narcissistic, materialistic and cynical. Research that suggests we created the “hookup culture”, over-sharing and a loss of communication.

Why do stereotypes still exist? Stereotypes are a way to categorize people who are similar in thoughts or behaviors, to make people with opposing opinions more comfortable, because they can generalize one another into a specific group. That manipulates people to desire to conform to that stereotype to “fit in”.

Our generation will be the ones that change the world the most. We are at a fascinating time in our lives where we have grown up with the expansion of technology. All of us have greater technology literacy because a tablet wasn’t thrown at us at the age of three. Yet, we were young enough (teen years), to adapt quickly to the world around us where as some of the older generations have accepted to opt out of these changes. We have had the best of both worlds.

Social media and outlets through the internet have allowed one another to express themselves more freely. People are people and I think there will always be the lazy people, the cynical people and the out-and-open people. The way we express who we are may change, but the people don’t change.

If you don’t have the greatest communication skills, chances are there were shy and reserved people in every generation before us. If you like to express yourself and tell the world how you feel, yes, social media has made it easier to connect with others who feel the same, but they aren’t the first people to draw attention. There were women and men who would cause catastrophe just to make the daily newspaper or spread gossip around the town and host book clubs.

I see this generation as hardworking and driven, they just need a passion to get started. More and more emphasis is on gaining knowledge and being hungry for education. We aren’t egoistic because we want to gain constant affirmation but 64 percent of adults have quit a job because they don’t feel appreciated. Some things are human nature and everybody has a different scale on importance.

If we’re going to be generalized, I would like to generalize the majority of us which are intelligent, innovative and open-minded. Those traits are what is going to make this society far more advanced.

In the end, people haven’t changed and I don’t know if we ever will. I think we grow and adapt to situations and how we explain and act on our behaviors changes.

However, millennials have a lot going for the way the world is shifting and older generations should appreciate our differences, just as they expect us to respect theirs.

photo courtesy of envisgaeinernational.com
photo courtesy of envisgaeinernational.com