Mello vs Stothert

Photo Courtesy of KMTV

After last week’s primary, Health Mello and incumbent Jean Stothert advanced to the May 9 general election with Mello trailing just three points behind Stothert.

The Gateway asked a few UNO students for their opinions on Omaha’s mayoral candidates.

“I fully support Heath Mello. He is the only candidate who represents the issues I care most about, like transparency in government and equal human rights across the city. Omaha would improve greatly under the changes Mello wants to bring to our community. He also has first-hand experiences and works with members of the Omaha area constantly. #MelloForMayor”
Kamrin Baker
“Jean Stothert: Chant it with me: ‘Eight. Million. Dollar. Surplus.’”
Eric Velander
“Stothert has consistently managed a budget surplus since taking office and has improved the Omaha Police Department substantially.  She has also managed the various labor unions well. Bad labor contracts had our city in a major pickle not too long ago.  Simply put, Mello has not made a good case for removing a competent incumbent. Therefore, Stothert has my vote.”
Andrew Bartholet
“I support Heath Mello for mayor of Omaha. Heath Mello truly cares about the livelihood of Omaha citizens. He will work hard to create jobs, repair the city’s infrastructure, build safer neighborhoods and collaborate across party lines to make Omaha’s government more innovative,transparent and accountable. Students interested in volunteering can be directed to he at /get-involved .”
Trevor Harlow