Meet Campus Security Captain: Mike Murphy


By Susan Payne, Advertising Manager

“This is Capt. Murphy,” he said, with a Post-it note and pen at hand. “Yes…white male, date of birth, low 20s. Let me see if I can find him.” 
After receiving this phone call, Captain Mike Murphy’s multitask reflected his position at the university as a resource officer, “Everyday is different for me,” he said. 
Residing in the northwestern side of The Eppley Administration Building, Murphy’s office is the center location for all of the safety and incident reports on and around campus. 
Looking toward the computer about the call, Murphy, a resource officer since November 2013, said he is contracted to the university through the Omaha Police Department. Between campus security and OPD radios, he is in tune all day. “It gets confusing sometimes,” he said. 
From the back of Eppley, sometimes Murphy doesn’t get reception from his radios. “If I can’t get reception, the dispatchers have my personal cell phone,” he said.
Although Murphy said he never knows exactly what’s going to happen or when, his main focus is safety.
When an incident report is filed, Murphy’s job is to “follow up if it is a criminal matter.”
“Did I type in the wrong thing, here?” Murphy said to himself, looking at his computer, again, continuing to follow-up on the call he received that morning. 
Murphy’s follow-up on an incident report also includes speaking to the caller, he said, about safety tips on how to prevent the incident from happening again. For example, he said, a bicycle was stolen from University Village.
“They say a good way to keep your bike from getting stolen is a U-lock,” Murphy said.
U-locks, he said, are heavier duty and require the thieves to cut through the lock if they want to steal the bike. 
Murphy offers personal safety tips to students on campus, but also enjoys speaking to organizations or classes about campus safety. 
“I found this guy’s information,” he said, smiling as he continued to talk about his guest appearances. 
Recently, Murphy spoke to an emergency management class, the Goodrich scholarship program and a group of international students. 
Some of his main points of discussion during those events are: 
• Police work. 
• Distracted driving.
 • General safety, such as not walking alone at night.
• How to avoid get-rich-quick Internet scams.
With 10 being the highest, Captain Murphy gave the UNO a 10 for safety. 
“The security here does a great job getting officers to all areas of campus.”
Photo by Susan Payne Captain Mike Murphy has been contracted to the university through the Omaha Police Department.
Photo by Susan Payne Captain Mike Murphy has been contracted to the university through the Omaha Police Department.