MavSync: Website provides students with a homebase for multiple organizations


By J. Christoffersen, Photographer

Remember when technology was effective and simple, before each update only frustrated us more, leaving us wishing we could go back three or maybe four updates?  This is what MavSync will provide for the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  

MavSync is the newest addition to the digital connectivity of UNO students.  The online portal facilitates engagement by connecting students to departments, organizations and service opportunities.  

MavSync offers several tools including a calendar, ePortfolio, involvement, service opportunities, requests and to-do lists.  The calendar, requests and to-do lists are straightforward. Involvement tracks the number of hours you are involved in organizations each month. The service opportunities tool gives the ability to search for opportunities based on keywords and partners, with several criteria options.  

It’s the ePortfolio that stands out in the collection. According to the website, “the Portfolio feature provides you with your own personal website to organize and document your education, share employment history and work samples, and receive recommendations from friends and colleagues. The Portfolio is more in-depth than a resume and enables you to showcase your personal history and accomplishments online.” This function will give students the ability to showcase themselves to employers, collaborate with faculty and students, and network opportunities. 

MavSync will not only help students and organizations throughout campus. It also will be a great tool for students already involved in the organizations. 

“For students looking to get involved, this exponentially expands their access to information on clubs and organizations. It gets them in contact with those clubs of interest much faster than before,” UNO Student Regent Martha Spangler said. 

As with all new programs, it will take time before the students and organizations are proficient in MavSync. 

“You just have to take the time to explore it. It’s just like getting a new phone, no one actually reads the instructions,” Spangler said, “The more you familiarize yourself with it, the more you will realize how all the different features could specifically be used by your organization.” 

Certain organizations will require permission in order to join, just like a closed group on Facebook.  Simply type the reason you would like to join the organization, and send a request.  It shows in the requests tab of the tools.  Having this new way to connect to organizations digitally will inevitably increase participation, as well as awareness.  

“I think UNO will see a lot more involvement in organizations and a lot more attendance at campus events,” Spangler said.  

With different organizations being able to maintain a calendar of events that is easy to read, and for a specific group, students now have the ability to keep aware of what is going on with the organizations they have interest in.  Who knew that a kickboxing class was available through Campus Recreation? How about the 13th Floor Magazine or the Paranormal Society?

MavSync is the next step in keeping UNO progressing into the digital age, providing students and faculty the ability to connect with all that this campus has to offer at the click of a mouse or tap of a screen.