Mavericks on the move-in: Students adjust to on-campus housing


By Kelsey Bee, Contributor

Most of us are all too aware of the fact that the summer break went by unbelievably fast. Hopefully everyone’s time off was filled with relaxation, rejuvenation and plenty of new memories with family and friends.
Move-in day was during the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Welcome Week, Aug. 17 to 22. Students moved into Dodge Campus dorms Maverick Village and University Village, and Pacific Campus dorms Scott Village, Scott Court and Scott Hall. Each of these dorms is complete with four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a full kitchen and a shared living area.
This kind of living space was designed to allow students to have opportunities for bonding with their fellow roommates while still having their own private space to focus on their studies and feel comfortable while away at school. Incoming freshman Amanda Thompson from Lincoln was asked some questions about her move-in experience and her anticipation for her first year of college.
Q: What was the toughest part about moving into your college dorm?
A: Probably leaving my best friends and family. I’m from Lincoln, so they’re not far away, but still, not having them in my life every day will take some getting used to.
Q: Did you know any of your roommates prior to moving in?
A: I didn’t know any of my roommates before we moved in together, which makes me both excited and nervous. I’m looking forward to bonding with these girls and meeting other new people, but at the same time, I’ve never had roommates before so I’m looking forward to the experience.
Q: Which dorm are you living in? Was it your first choice?
A: I ended up with my first choice, Scott Village. I was so excited; Pacific Campus is great so far.
Q: Have you thought about getting involved in different organizations?
A: Definitely. I’m considering looking into student government and maybe intramurals. I also think I want to get involved in Greek life, but I might wait a year and see what it’s all about.
Q: How many other schools did you consider before choosing to come to UNO?
A: I only seriously looked at three schools: Northwest Missouri State, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and UNO. I really enjoyed my visit to Missouri, but I felt it would be too far away for my liking. UNL was also great, but I didn’t really want to go there just because everyone I knew was going to. UNO seemed like the right choice because it’s close enough to home for weekend visits, but far enough away for me to get out on my own.
Q: What was the easiest thing about moving in to your new dorm?
A: I’d have to say all the new college stuff I got for my room. It feels like I have my own place. I’m looking forward to starting this new chapter of my life and meeting all kinds of new people. I think dorm life will play a huge part in that.