Maverick Food Pantry aims to eliminate hunger at UNO


By Brooke Criswell
Online Content Manager

More than 200 United States colleges operate food pantries as food insecurity is becoming more evident on campuses. University of Nebraska at Omaha is no exception.

The Maverick Food Pantry is dedicated to eliminating hunger in the UNO community and increasing awareness of food insecurity and lack of nutrition. The room is located in the Community Engagement Center, Room 121.

As of April, 2015, the pantry received nearly 600 requests and distributed more than 7,800 pounds of food. The pantry launched in August, 2013.

“Being hungry is just kind of sad,” said Jennifer Alquicira, a UNO student. “I don’t want to be looked down upon.”

The Maverick Food Pantry serves UNO students and faculty, offering nonperishable food packages that contain approximately two-day’s worth of food for one individual, according to the FDA nutritional guidelines. Each bag contains a balance of proteins, grains/pasta and vegetables.

All food is acquired through nonperishable food and monetary donations of the Omaha community. The Maverick Food Pantry held its place for the third annual Omaha Gives! event in May. They had 46 unique donors that raised $1,606.

UNO students and faculty can make a request on MavSync using their net ID and password. There are options for standard or vegetarian, along with listing any allergies they might have. The order is then sent to the pantry administration or a volunteer to fill the order within 24-hours.

There is a limit as of right now for twice per week per person.