Mammel Hall opens its doors


By Kristen Brandt, Assistant Art Director

When Mammel Hall opened its doors last August, business students were introduced to an environmentally conscious, technologically advanced building.

“Mammel Hall is the first and only building on campus to have a fully integrated network,” said David Nielsen, director of technology. “The phone, computers cable TV, security cameras, digital signs and even the clocks use the same network.”

Mammel Hall became the new home for the College of Business Administration and is UNO’s first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified building.  As a LEED-certified building, Mammel Hall is built to standards of environmental efficiency established by the U.S. Green Building Council. Mammel Hall replaced Roskens Hall, the new home to the College of Education, as the home of UNO’s College of Business Administration.

The $31 million building was made possible through fundraising, with considerable donations from Carl and Joyce Mammel, George Haddix, and Ruth and Bill Scott.

The three-story building offers students such luxuries as an atrium with touch-screen displays, lounge areas, a café, glass-walled classes and a two-story auditorium. The structure is a modern combination of brick, glass and metal. There are four labs that feature flat-screen televisions with the ability to project images from personal laptops, digital stock-market trackers and computers that pop up from desks at the push of a button. There is plenty of space for students to study and collaborate, including six separate meeting rooms. There’s even an outside deck for students to enjoy when weather allows.

For UNO business student Shawn Addison, Mammel Hall provided a new opportunity to succeed in the business field.

“It’s a great addition to UNO,” he said.  “I’m confident it’s providing good experience for my future.”