Lower garage level still open


By Kelsey Stewart, News Editor

Pulling on to campus and seeing full parking lots can cause panic to set in. Lights on the parking garage show “Full.”
Many campus commuters forget about Lot T. The bottom level of the East Parking Garage, south of the Arts and Sciences Building, is open to faculty, staff and students this year.
Lot T provides an alternative for racking up parking tickets. There’s no need to sweat if you don’t have a permit. Nearly 150 student garage permits and 250 faculty and staff garage permits are available.
“There’s no need to panic when you get here,” Jim Ecker, director of Parking Services, said. “It’s underutilized.”
All three levels of the East Parking Garage allow parking stall seekers to pay $2 for a space anytime after 12:30 p.m.
In addition to offering extra space, the East Parking Garage has undergone improvements this summer. New lighting was installed to make it brighter and safer for students, faculty and staff.
Cameras in the stairwells and Blue Light emergency phones on campus also provide extra parking structure safety. In addition, Campus Security provides escorts on campus if students, faculty or staff ever feel uneasy about walking back to their cars.
As summer-like fall temperatures turn to winter weather, the covered level of the parking structure can provide benefits, like not needing to scrape ice and snow from cars, Stan Schleifer, director of Support Services, said.