Locked in: The Escape Omaha offers real-life videogame experience


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Will Patterson

A group of friends are locked in a room together. Puzzles and clues surround them. One hour is on the clock and it is ticking down. What may sound like a horror movie setting is actually one of the latest crazes taking Omaha by storm.

The Escape Omaha, within walking distance of UNO’s Scott Campus, provides a unique entertainment experience for puzzle solvers and story enthusiasts alike. Groups of 2 to 6 players enter a room with one goal: escape before time is up.

Each of the scenarios puts a small group into a setting brought to life by notes, clues and details that players must put together in order to advance closer to their final objective. On the door is a lock with a number pad. Only by correctly navigating the room can the players find the correct combination of the numbers to set them free.

“I like it when the gameplay informs the story and vice versa,” said Rachael Killough, an assistant manager and writer for The Escape Omaha.

Killough explained how the rooms incorporate a variety of different themes that play directly into the how the groups will have to work together to find a way out. This ties into the stories that can be gathered piece by piece in the rooms while having heavy elements in how the puzzles must be solved.

According the The Escape Omaha’s website each of the room’s has a varied escape rate, anywhere from around 35 percent to as difficult at 9 percent.

Currently available are three different scenarios, which are planned to eventually be rotated in favor of new ones. The three currently at the location near Scott Campus are the Uptown Murder, the Four Brothers and the Forgotten Outpost. Each focuses on a unique theme and different method of acquiring the code to escape.

The Forgotten Outpost is currently the most escaped scenario. With a nearly 35 percent escape rate players can confidently go in knowing they stand a chance of putting together the pieces of the puzzle together of this Soviet Bunker themed room.

Following the Forgotten Outpost is the Four Brothers scenario. The Four Brothers leaves players in an insane alchemist’s study with riddles littered about the walls and shelves.

The Uptown Murder scenario currently comes in first as the most difficult escape room with only a measly 9 percent of participants escaping within the one hour time constraints. In this room players are the investigators called in to help catch a serial killer before it is too late.

Killough’s tip for first timers was not to overthink the scenarios. She added that all the information needed to solve the rooms is in them already and while players are rewarded for knowing weird facts and history they’re not expected too.

Despite the seemingly steep circumstances The Escape Omaha serves as a platform for friends and groups to get to know each other better or just have a good time. For new students looking to have a fun time with new roommates and peers this is prime opportunity.

More information about the rooms and booking times is available at The Escape Omaha’s website.