‘Like Crazy’ bares soul for its audience, promises an honest love story


By Krystal Sidzyik, Senior Staff Writer

“Like Crazy,” directed by Drake Doremus, is a film about two college students, Anna and Jacob, who live in Los Angeles and eventually become a couple. Anna is a British exchange student who overstays her visa after it expires on graduation. She must return home to London, but when she flies back to Los Angeles, she is turned away by customs officials, throwing Anna and Jacob into a long distance relationship.

The film features Felicity Jones as Anna and Anton Yelchin as Jacob. Felicity is most well-known for her role as Miranda in the film adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” Yelchin is most well-known for his roles as Pavel Chekov in the remake of “Star Trek” and Charley Brewster in the remake of “Fright Night.”

“Like Crazy” swept audiences away at the 27th Sundance Film Festival this year, winning the Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic Film. Jones also won a Special Grand Jury Prize for acting in a dramatic film.

Surprisingly, the chemistry between Jones and Yelchin didn’t come naturally, the two admitted on a conference call.

“It was really hard work, and we didn’t really get on initially,” Jones said. “And it took a few days. But I think after the first few days of rehearsal, we got into a rhythm where it was eventually okay.”

“Like Crazy” was unlike any movie Jones or Yelchin had done before they said. Instead of a traditional script, the movie came in a rough outline with lots of room for improvising.

“I think it was a little bit nerve-wracking, but that was kind of what was exciting because it felt like it was challenging,” Jones said. “Immediately after the week of rehearsals, we just got to know each other so well and we all wanted to kind of take a risk and make something very honest.”

But what makes “Like Crazy” different from other movies like “Going the Distance” that play with the idea of a long distance relationship?

“[Like Crazy] doesn’t try to over-sentimentalize the characters or the story” Jones said. “It’s about really trying to interrogate what it’s like to be in a relationship rather than resorting to clichés.”

“Like Crazy” is set to release in theaters nationwide this Friday.