Jem and the Holograms underperforms

Photo Courtesy of Forbes Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Forbes Magazine

Kaylee Pierce

Upon seeing a preview for this movie, there was no way that this movie was not going on my to-watch list. I anxiously tracked the release date and where I could find it at. After buying it my first thought was: this movie is great. Second thought: this movie is missing something.

On the surface level, Jem and the Holograms is a great movie. Jerrica Benton (Audrey Peeples) is the main focus of the movie. The movie follows her on her rise to fame as the mysterious yet fascinating Jem. Jem and the Holograms is solely focused on Jerrica as she becomes famous alongside her sisters- Aja (Hayley Kiyoko), Kimber (Stephanie Scott) and Shana (Aurora Perrineau). In the meantime, Jerrica deciphers clues from a robot her father left her, named Synergy.

If you go beyond the surface, there is the question of what is this movie really about? Is it about being your true self? If so why did Jerrica become Jem instead of being herself? Is it about being there for family, sticking things through and good things will happen? What? This story line is befuddling. The movie seems to have a different meaning every other scene. It is kind of dizzying. The plot was cut and dry.

The aforementioned Synergy was supposed to be the main source of the holograms that were supposed to be essential to the story, but the reality falls short. Synergy produces one true hologram while simply projecting maps and recorded videos. Holograms were not an essential part of the movie, leading a watcher to really wonder where this robot fits in with four girls forming a band.

While the movie did lack on its plot and the title, the performances by Jem ended up blowing me away. The music and the lyrics were catchy and fantastic. The songs that the movie produced were exactly what I had hoped to find when I watched the preview. The music and the performances are what drew me in and kept my attention.

Leaving out the music performances, this movie left me with a lot of
confusion and not many answers. If I were forced to give this movie a rating, I would have to rate it three stars out of five. This movie did not fully live up to what was hoped from it. Is just seemed superficial and what you see is what you get.