Is dating a thing of the past?



Dinner and a movie. A walk in a park. An afternoon rendezvous at a coffee shop.

Maybe they’re not original, but the first meetings of a date are special.

We want to know how you’re connecting for the first time? Do people your age go out on traditional dates? Or are you more likely to hang out with a big group of people?

Tell us how you’re dating. Is it strictly online flirting or do you go offline for first dates?

Seeing each other exclusively is a big step. So let’s hear you dish.

What are the pros and cons of hanging out in a big group versus going out on a date?

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What’s your ideal first date?

Chatting online. It’s the best way to get to know this person.
Somewhere fun in a group. That way you can avoid the person if things get awkward.
A traditional date. Dinner and a movie.

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