Initial romantic fizzle turns into marriage for UNO grads


Written by Ilene Michaelsen

Sometimes it takes time to realize you have found your soul mate.
Biology major Kat Mohan and Tom Guttermann, a communications major, were invited to a house party hosted by a mutual friend. All three attended UNO.
Guttermann was looking to have a little conversation with Mohan. “She was a very quiet person back then,” he said.
Guttermann said he was dating someone else at the time. About two months later, that relationship ended, and Guttermann asked Mohan out on a date. But after several dates, Mohan said, they stopped dating.
Mohan said they met each other at HPER one day and continued talking. Eighteen months after they first met, they began dating again.
After two years of dating, Mohan took Guttermann to dinner on his birthday. Malara’s Italian Restaurant was the romantic setting Guttermann used to propose.
Guttermann said he knew he wanted to ask Mohan to marry him, and he had found a ring. He wanted to propose when it would be unexpected.
At dinner, Mohan gave Guttermann a birthday present. “I thought it was sweet. I told her ‘I am lucky to have you’ and ‘What would you say if I asked you to marry me?’” Guttermann said.
Guttermann said he kneeled and watched Mohan look around the restaurant with a smile, then at him and at the ring. “She took a long time. My knee started to hurt, so I sat back down,” Guttermann said.
Mohan put on the ring. “So that’s a yes?” Gutterman said.
Their engagement lasted two years. Mohan said she wanted to wait until she graduated. Guttermann graduated in December 2009 from UNO and Mohan followed in May 2012.
The couple was married at Holy Cross Church on June 1. Mohan, now Kat Guttermann, said they chose that date because it marked the anniversary they officially began dating.
“It also perfectly happened to land on a Saturday,” she said.