If BuzzFeed News’ report is true, it’s time to impeach the president

A bombshell report from BuzzFeed News claims that President Donald Trump directed his long-time lawyer Michael Cohen to lie before Congress.

Will Patterson

BuzzFeed News dropped a bombshell report indicating President Donald Trump instructed his long-time lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. Specifically, Trump allegedly directed Cohen to lie about the extent of his Russian business activity.

As with any story using anonymous sources, there is a fair amount of skepticism to be had. But many media outlets and politicians are taking the report seriously—which prompts an important question: is it time to impeach the 45th president of the United States?

According to CNN, in a surprising twist special counsel Robert Mueller’s office has officially stated that BuzzFeed News’ report is not accurate. This move is highly unusual, since Mueller’s office rarely speaks to media about any of the ongoing investigations. The same article states that BuzzFeed News’ editor-in-chief expressed the belief that the reporting was accurate and that Mueller’s office should clarify what they are disputing.

So, the debate about the report’s accuracy are set to consume the political and media cycle for the next week or so. Regardless, this situation presents a test to Congress. Party lines have to be crossed for the betterment of the nation. While this entire article depends on the “if true” aspect of BuzzFeed News’ report, the sentiment stands.

If BuzzFeed News’ report proves to be accurate, it is absolutely time to consider the nuclear option. Pro-impeachment rhetoric has been thrown around since day one of Trump’s presidency, but directly telling an individual to lie before Congress is a breach of trust and the law that cannot be ignored.

Ultimately, the fate of the Donald Trump’s presidency rests in the hands of his own party. While the answer should be obvious if the report is proven true, there is a chance that party lines may prove stronger than justice. In the event that the report is true, Republicans will have to do justice—or face an unrecoverable backlash.