Hullabaloo festival set for August



Hullabaloo, an old English word for “a clamorous noise,” is also a three-day music festival held Aug. 5 through Aug. 7 and hosted by Brandon Miller of the Kris Lager Band.

It’s a festival with all kinds of music, including funk, rock, jam, blues, reggae, bluegrass and electronica from the Omaha region and the national touring circuit. Tickets are $40 for the weekend, which includes camping. If concertgoers choose not to camp, single tickets are available for $25 day of show.

Miller first got the idea for Hullabaloo last summer, but the idea fell  through until the Kris Lager Band was contacted last winter by the Anchor Inn to do a summer show. Miller instead pitched the idea of Hullabaloo, and it was a hit. The event was originally going to have 12 bands, but as interest grew, so did the festival.

Hullabaloo now features over 30 bands and disc jockeys including the Kris Lager Band, Spoonfed Tribe, Satchel Grande, Polydypsia, Funk Trek, Blue Martian Tribe and Midland Band.

Due to flooding, the festival will be held at Riverwest Park on 233rd and West Maple Road instead of the original venue, the Anchor Inn.

“The new venue is perfect for a festival, and I have committed to using it for the next few years,” Miller said.

But the switch didn’t prove easy for Miller.

“The change of venue has definitely been challenging as the Anchor Inn came fully equipped and ready to go,” Miller said, “Now there has been a race to get sponsors to help fund all of the extra costs like stages, security, sound and lights, electricity, etc.”

Luckily, sponsors like the Reader, Exotica, G&G Smoke Shop and Advanced Hydroponics are helping to keep the festival going.

Tickets for Hullabaloo are available via or at the gates day of the show.