Holiday gone wrong


By Sean Robinson – Senior Staff Writer

The holidays are a time to shovel mounds of sugary sweets into mouths, a time of mega-stores making mega-bucks off children’s Christmas lists and a time of airports being backed up until the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. But perhaps nothing defines the holiday season more than stories of poor traveling conditions. Here are five stories about holiday travel gone wrong:


UNO freshman Gabi Jelinek:

“One year when we were coming back down the mountain from Beaver Creek, Colo., after Thanksgiving, there was a super-bad blizzard and everyone was trying to go down at the same time. What usually is a three-hour drive down took us almost eight hours! We got stuck several times, but a tow truck couldn’t fit to save us.”

UNO sophomore Ryan Cook:

“I remember getting to Eppley [Airport] and having to wait two hours to pass through security. You know how you get behind someone who looks like they’re going to need some extra screening? I mean, I’m not stereotyping this person, but fate had a way of putting me behind him, and he went through the metal detector about seven or eight times. They screened him, patted him down and they found nothing.”

UNO freshman Jordan Spencer:

“For Christmas, I travel to Chicago to visit family. Sometimes fragile items you get on Christmas become broken if you travel by plane because caretakers really aren’t too careful with your belongings. One time, I even remember that as I was on a return flight back to Omaha and my luggage was lost. I lost clothes, shoes and toiletry items.”

UNO freshman Taylor Surber:

“We travel for almost every holiday because my family lives nowhere near us, but the location is always changing. One Christmas, we had to stop half-way and stay in a hotel because we couldn’t see literally a foot in front of us. We even had one point where we had to drive on the other side of the road until cars came because the highway was so packed with snow.”

UNO freshman Nick Harrahill:

“I go to Chicago for Thanksgiving [each year] for hockey tournaments. When we were on our way back to Omaha, I was not feeling well at all. I threw up all over my grandparents’ car and we had to pull over in the freezing weather to clean it out. The smell stayed the entire eight hours home.”