Halloween Party Sparks Spooky Spirit


By Rosa Najera, Contributor

Adorable princesses, swashbuckling pirates and myriad variations of witches, ghosts and superheroes filled the Health, Physical Education and Recreation building Oct. 29.

The Mav Kids Halloween Party, held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., was a free event open to anyone in the Omaha community.

The gym was full of different activities including Ghost Toss, Save the Duck, Leap Frog, Crazy Crafts and a haunted house. There was plenty of candy to go around thanks to the kind donations from other organizations. There was also a raffle being held for a bike that was donated to the event.

The main goal of the Halloween Party was to create a safe event that the community can participate in and for families to enjoy at the same time.

Volunteers ran the majority of activities, said Lisa Medina, assistant director of Campus Recreation. She also said that, aside from the kids having fun at the event, the international student volunteers benefited as well because they were exposed to the Halloween festivities the American culture celebrates.

The attendees for the event ranged from newborns to older children, said Medina, who was dressed in a jumpsuit and gorilla mask. She spent most of Halloween Party in the haunted house giving kids a spook. Children frequented the haunted house and  many went through it multiple times.

Leah Niebaum has brought her kids to the annual event for the past five years. She returns every year because the party is “so well organized” and everyone is “so friendly.”

Dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, Graduate assistant Joe Troia ran a fishing game activity. He said the Halloween Party is one of three major events Campus Recreation holds. The other organizations include Winter Play Days and Mav Kids Summer Day Camp. He said many kids that attend the Halloween Party have also participated in one of the other activities. When asked why he volunteered, he responded that he wanted to do fun stuff with the kids and wanted them to have a great time.

And a great time they all had. As time inched closer to the end of the party, families kept coming into the gym.



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