Grad student chooses bicycle over car for campus commute


By Krystal Sidzyik, Entertainment Editor

ers to commute to campus riding her bike instead of driving her car because it helps to relieve stress.
Cencic, a public affairs graduate student, has typically kept a full-time class schedule. After recently landing a full-time job, she isn’t sure what her fall schedule will look like but either way, she plans on implementing cycling into her routine commute to campus.
Cencic’s choice to cycle to campus instead of driving comes easy. For most students, driving to campus seems to be the first and easiest choice for commuting. Parking on campus doesn’t come without its headaches. Students have common parking complaints that there aren’t enough spots, it’s expensive, it’s confusing and there’s too much traffic.
“I chose not to buy a parking pass to save some money,” Cencic said. “I tried to drive to campus once and I live near campus, but by the time I drove there, drove around and finally found a spot, it took me longer than it would to bike here.”
Besides saving money, Cencic rides her bike because she actually enjoys the commute.
“Biking can be relaxing and enjoyable,” Cencic said. “It’s always a nice divider between working all day and going to class in the evenings.  It’s a very good transition and is a nice way to get to where you need to go and get there refreshed with a clear mind.”
Over the last few years, UNO has worked to make the campus more biker friendly. UNO is among 45 universities to receive recognition for being cyclist friendly. This spring, UNO received honorable mention for being one of the best bicycle friendly universities. Thirty-five universities achieved bronze, silver, gold and platinum and 10 received honorable mention status.
For the most part, Cencic believes UNO is bike friendly but could improve.
“It’s nice that there’s bike racks available outside most of the buildings,” Cencic said. “There’s definitely a need for a few more and a few more upgraded facilities, but for the most part, I haven’t had any problems or conflicts with drivers and I’ve always been able to find a bike parking spot.”
Cencic rides her own bike to campus, but UNO offers another option for ditching the car and riding a bike.
In 2011, UNO launched the B-Cycle program. Students can pay to check out a bike from two UNO locations and return the bike to any B-Cycle location when they’re done.
“The B-cycle program makes biking easier and provides an alternative to driving or taking the shuttle bus,” David Corbin, emeritus professor, said in a press release.