Flying Timber popular for corporate team building

Matt Wyant sits in front of a mural at Flying Timbers. Photo by Jessica Wade.

Jessica Wade

A team that throws axes together, stays together. Or, according to Flying Timber’s business owner Matt Wyant, at least has a unique experience together.

Wyant said he and his wife Kelly weren’t expecting their axe throwing establishment to be so popular among corporate teams.

“We knew that would be some of it, but it ended up being almost half of our business,” Wyant said. “It really is a much bigger part of what we do than we expected too.”

Mutual of Omaha, Union Pacific, LinkedIn, Pay Pal and HDR are among the corporations that have stopped by for the axe throwing, team building experience.

“When you go out with your coworkers and your team, you want to have a good time, you want the experience to be memorable, and a lot of the kind of regular places have been done and people are kind of sick of it,” Wyant said. “I think it’s just a more memorable experience for everybody. It can be competitive; we have things that kind of facilitate that. I think that part of it is kind of what makes it a little bit more enjoyable.”

That’s not to say Flying Timber’s patrons are all from corporate teams. There are people like Ulises Rodriguez, who stopped by one Saturday after hearing about the establishment on the news.

“I didn’t think how an hour would go so fast, honestly you don’t realize,” Rodriguez said. “You’re having a lot of fun here. It’s pretty easy, just about anybody can really do it.”

Flying Timber opened in mid-June. It’s the only locally owned and operated axe throwing facility in Omaha.

Wyant said there’s a common misconception that his establishment is a bar, but stresses that while Flying Timber serves alcohol, that’s not its main purpose.

“I think when we were opening and we were going for our liquor license, the kind of shock value of those news stories, you know, ‘the axe throwing bar’, and we never really were a bar,” Wyant said. “You can’t come in and just order a drink and hang out, you have to be a customer here to even order a drink.”

The Wyant’s business is still young, and Matt said at the moment they’re not looking to expand, but to further establish their location.

“It would be nice if we were able to expand, but I don’t know that I’m necessarily looking to open up locations all over the Midwest,” Wyant said. “But I think in the more near-term future we’re just looking to build this and have it be successful and make this more of a mainstream activity in Omaha.”

Flying Timber Axe Throwing is located at 1507 Farnam St.