Fashion Feature


By Jake Thacker, Fashion Contributor

Lindsay Lee is a junior majoring in journalism at University of Nebraska at Omaha. Her distinct style caught my eye due to her mixing of new and vintage pieces – as well as her infectious smile. After snapping a few iPhone photos of her in this Coachella-worthy look, Lee and I sat down to discuss her style.
So, what are you wearing today?
“This hat is from Forever 21. This dress is also from Forever 21. These boots are vintage from my mom. And the purse is thrifted from New Life Vintage.”
She was also sporting Ray-Ban sunglasses and perfectly manicured nails, shellacked in OPI’s Bubble Bath nail color.
Who are your style influencers?
“My yoga teacher. She really mixes comfortable, everyday pieces with a tribal look. You would never expect yoga to be an actual style, but it can be really cool if you piece it together correctly.
Also, I like those people who take pieces or things nobody else is wearing in the area that make people stop and think, ‘Wait, can I do that?’ Because it’s so influential.”
Are there any eras or trends that you relate your style to?
“The 1960s and 1970s, for sure. Mostly because my mom has a lot of stuff that she recycled to me, so I like to wear it. [The ’60s and ’70s was] when she was getting it down with platforms and kimonos. That’s how it started … I used to play dress up in my mom’s stuff.”
Where do you shop for your clothes?
“I honestly shop everywhere, whether it’s thrift stores or places in the mall like Forever 21 … I really don’t go all out and have a shopping spree in one place. I love going out of town and hitting up a thrift store. It’s my favorite thing to do.”