Executive MBA course: Social provides insight on Warren Buffett


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Emily Petry

University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Mammel Hall held a free networking social Friday on UNO Executive MBA course “The Genius of Buffett.”

The social previewed the UNO course taught by international speaker and author Robert Miles in the spring and fall, according to UNO’s website.

Prior to the lecture, guests were invited to partake in a social hour with appetizers and drinks, including one called “Warren Juice” a pomegranate spritzer named after Buffett.

Louis Pol, dean of the college of business, kicked off the event by welcoming attendants and provided a brief overview of the course, along with the story of how it came to be.

Pol then introduced Melissa Glenn, manager of innovative strategy for the Greater Omaha Chamber, to talk more on the course.

Glenn said the class, which she has taken in the past, narrows the scope in which we see Buffett.

“You won’t get the same level of insight [from the speakers] that you would if you were to run into them in a coffee shop,” Glenn said.

The “Genius of Warren Buffett” Executive MBA course features many guest speakers, all with insight for business models and ethics.

Miles, the course instructor, spoke about how Buffett began his career.

Miles said Buffett sees himself as a teacher, which is reflected in some of his work. Buffett lectured classes at the Municipal University of Omaha, and strongly believes in investing in education.

Some of Buffett’s favorite quotes are that character is what you stand for, and reputation is what you fall for, said by journalist Robert Quillen.

It is values like these that Miles’ course talks about, especially because Buffett himself has been said to take to heart in business deals.

As we all live near the Omaha area, we seem to take for granted that Buffett is always here. Almost everything we see is tied to his business, and everywhere we look, we are almost guaranteed to see his name. It comes as a shock when people don’t know who he is.

Adrienne Fay, director of marketing and business sales at Borsheims Fine Jewelry, said the company is “guided by principles set by Buffett.”

Fay said that when Buffett is asked about what the company needs to improve on, he often said “Increase profit and watch inventory.”

“It’s like a high five from dad,” Fay said.

Buffett has a history of success. It is a history that is told through two weekend courses in the fall.

By taking this course, you will gain the knowledge needed to further your skills in the business world. It can be a resume builder, and could show your aspirations to future employers, as well as giving you experience in stocks and bonds.

Students interested in learning more about Buffett’s tips and tricks can read the Buffett letters, the Secret Millionaires Club and the 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Meeting online.

Fall course is from Sept. 29- Oct. 1 and Oct. 20-22 at Mammel Hall. The fall course, according to Miles, will emphasize character, management, leadership style and values needed for corporate jobs.