Dundee Dell


By John Karhoff, Contributor

Few establishments have been a fixture in a city for as long as the Dundee Dell has been in Omaha.

Established in 1934, the Dundee Dell has served four to five generations of Omaha families.

Famous for its fish and chips, and single malt scotch, the Dell makes all of its food from scratch by certified chefs. Along with the food, the Dell owns the largest selection of single malt scotch in the world, more than 750 different kinds.  

Even though the number of products is impressive, the quality of the product is what is important to owner Pat Gobel.

“We’re not here to sell a whole lot of products,” Gobel said. “We’re here to sell really, really good products.”

In May 2000, Gobel, who has been the owner of the Dundee Dell for 22 years, was forced to move the Dell. The Dell moved from its previous location on Dodge Street to its current location in the heart of Dundee, at 5007 Underwood Ave.

According to Gobel, the reason behind the move was his inability to get another lease. However, Gobel said sales have increased dramatically since the move. Gobel attributed the increase of sales to a bigger building and the Dell being more accessible in the heart of Dundee.

One major draw of the Dell is its appeal to all age groups. Gobel said he sees infants to adults in their 80s during the day. However, he said, college-aged patrons tend to come in at night when “college kids tend to be awake.”

The Dundee Dell gets lots of business from college students on weekend nights.

UNO student John Ring, 22, always enjoys his nights at the Dundee Dell. He said it gets busy on the weekends and he seems to always run into someone he knows. Ring also said he is impressed with the service.

“The service is actually pretty good considering how many people pack in there,” he said. “That’s something a lot of other bars struggle with.”

Another UNO student, Sam Setter, 20, has been going to the Dundee Dell since he was a child.  Even though Setter hasn’t reached the legal drinking age yet, he still finds himself going to the Dell for its fish and chips.

“It’s a really family-friendly atmosphere,” Setter said. “There’s always something good to eat.”