Dorm sweet dorm: Decorate with DIYS


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Sophie Clark

For the girls of room 212 in University Village, there’s no place like home. Or more specifically, there’s no place cuter than home. As new roommates this year, Jessica Shaaf, Allison Whitehill, Idalis Erives and Miho Iwamoto decided to put together their decorating skills and create a DIY paradise.

Upon entering the dorm, eyes will likely fall upon the room’s center-piece: three tall glass bottles containing long pink and green flowers. These flowers are accented by the soft crème color of the pillows lining the couch, as well as a string of lights that hangs across the front window. On the walls, canvases with motivational texts and a replica of the Eiffel Tower give the room an inspirational vibe.

Jessica Shaaf, a University of Nebraska at Omaha junior and the resident advisor for University Village Building 2, said the apartment is always a work in progress. Though working with a small space, Shaaf claims the girls are open to big ideas.

“You have to start out small,” Shaaf said. “You have to get into the space and try new things. You’ll eventually find out what works and what doesn’t.”

The inspiration for decorating the dorm came from Shaaf’s excitement as a new RA in welcoming her roommates, as well as from her collection of decorations from her years in UNO housing.

Shaaf’s decorating skills are not only evident in the common area, but also in her bedroom. Complete with curtains, a bookshelf, accessory hangers, seating for guests and matching bedding—Shaaf’s room is a color-coordinated UNO resident’s dream.

Next to Shaaf’s room is Allison Whitehill, who is a freshman studying recreation and leisure studies, and her own creation of her space. In Whitehill’s room you’ll find cacti, pictures strung and hung with close-pins, a room curtain, a fluffy rug and colorful containers for storage. With pictures of friends and family lining her walls, Whitehill has truly created a home away from home.

Down the hall is freshman Idalis Erives, who is studying pre-nursing. You can find Erives with friends lounging on the room’s white fuzzy couch, or possibly admiring her extensive makeup collection. When it’s time for homework Erives uses her backrest pillow, which she encourages all UNO residents to invest in.

“It’s super comfortable for leaning on while studying,” Erives said.

Next to Erives is Miho Iwamoto, who came to UNO from Japan. Iwamoto is still decorating her space, and is undoubtedly inspired by her roommates’ decor.

Throughout the semester, the girls plan on occasionally rearranging their rooms and the common area.

“It’s important to me to have a change of scenery,” Shaaf said. “If you’re living, working and entertaining friends in the same space, it’s important to change things up.”

As for future additions to the apartment, the girls are hoping to install a TV so they can all watch their favorite shows together.