Destination Ahead: Take advantage of this summer by making memories that last a lifetime


Written by Madison Knopik

An overly crowded library and hundreds of students gulping down copious amounts of caffeine are signs that finals are upon us. Once the dreaded finals are over comes summer and with summer comes vacations. has an article contributed by Miriam B. Weiner, which lists the top 10 affordable vacation places for students. Some destinations are more for the adventurous spirits while others are in your backyard.
A vacation spot high on many students’ lists is Amsterdam. Located in North Holland, Amsterdam is home Anne Frank’s House and the Van Gogh Museum. With hotels averaging $97 per night and round-trip tickets from the United States dropping 6 percent in price, Amsterdam is affordable. To get the best deals visit this vibrant city in August.
July is the month to visit the city of love. Many think Paris is a high-cost city, but if you spend your money in the right way you can experience everything it has to offer. Round-trip airfare from the United States is high, averaging around $882. Hotels are also higher than the national average at $147 per night. To avoid the high prices, try booking a round-trip ticket around national holidays, such as Bastille Day.
If Paris is too pricey, opt for a cheaper spot such as San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Booking a room in Old San Juan should be an easy feat, and the location will put students within easy access of the beach and the city’s historical sites. According to, round-trip flights from major U.S. airports will cost an average of $334, which is 14 percent lower than they were at this time last year. Weiner’s research shows that July is the best time to visit this sunny spot.
Looking for somewhere closer to home? The Mile-High City has got what you need. From riding roller coasters at the Lakeside Amusement Park to catching a baseball game at Coors Field, Denver provides plenty of ways to satisfy younger travelers. With round-trip domestic flights from many major U.S. cities averaging $270 and hotels averaging $52 per night, Denver is just as pleasing to the wallet.
Airfare to this southern city has dropped 5 percent from summer 2011, bringing the average to around $277. July is the month to buy a round-trip ticket. Since cowboy boots are always in style, students can feel good rocking the local footwear at the Fort Worth Stockyards or at Billy Bob’s honky-tonk in Dallas-Fort Worth.
Whether it’s near or far, there is a vacation spot for everyone. Make a memory to last a lifetime.