Cyclists get new parking on campus


By Kelsey Stewart, News Editor


Cyclists around UNO may have noticed some ‘parking’ changes around campus this semester. UNO is in the process of installing 170 new bike racks through Activate Omaha, said Michael Grube, IT specialist and founding member of UNO Bikes.

 “We are continuing to put them out,” Grube said. “The group will keep popping up here and there throughout winter and next spring.”

 Activate Omaha is an initiative designed to promote active living. They donated the bike racks to UNO with money received from a grant from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

 The new bike racks are updated and are better suited to a college campus.

 The goal is for old bike racks to find new homes at local elementary schools.

 “It was a combined ah-ha moment. It’s a win-win for everyone,” said Julie Harris, Activate Omaha outreach coordinator.

 The bike racks fit in with Activate Omaha’s Safe Routes to School Program.

 Eighty-five percent of children’s trips to school being are by car, school bus or public transit, according to the CDC. Over the past three decades, the amount of overweight children has tripled.

 By using motorized transportation, children are missing out on an opportunity to get physical exercise.

 In addition to helping children get exercise and fight childhood obesity, having students walk or bike to school clears up traffic congestion.

 Safe Routes to School is designed take that opportunity and get more children walking and cycling to school. Students walk and cycle in groups with parents and adults.

 Activate Omaha has worked with over 30 schools since the Safe Routes to School program started in 2005.

 Activate Omaha has worked with UNO in the past in getting B-Cycles on campus, Grube said.

 “It’s a gracious thing for UNO to help us in their transition from old to new,” Harris said.