Crock ‘n’ roll: Crockpot recipes bring UNO students together


Trent Ostrom


In the midst of established student organizations focused on subjects like professional development, athletics and academics; one group of students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha has decided to form a club surrounding the kitchenware item with the aroma that woke you up on a late Saturday mornings in high school.

That’s right, the crockpot.

The newly formed Crockpot Club was founded by members of Pi Kappa Alpha and now has 32 members as of this week. The Crockpot Club comes from humble beginnings.

Tanner Woslager, a senior studying finance banking, has used the crockpot for years and was curious to see if anyone was interested in forming a club.

“I was talking to a buddy in class and were talking about how hysterical it would be to start a crockpot club,” Woslager said. “So I tweeted out the idea and my twitter blew up.”

The tweet had over 20 favorites and students messaged Woslager about his idea. After following up with those who were legitimately interested in forming a club, Woslager realized that the Crockpot Club had a lot of potential.

The club’s first meeting was held during the first Nebraska football game where they made dips, wings, little smokies and even taco pasta.

“We had about 12 or 13 crockpots going and I was worried we were going to blow a fuse,” Woslager said. “But when halftime came, the food was ready and we feasted.”

Garrett Mix, a senior studying construction engineering and Woslager’s roommate, was one of the first members to join the club.

“I went out and bought a crockpot and learned how to use it,” Mix said. “A lot of our members didn’t actually own a crock until they joined the club, because owning a crockpot is one of the club’s requirements.”

As of now, the Crockpot club is composed of members from Pi Kappa Alpha, but they are applying to become an official student organization at UNO.

Crock Pots might not be interesting to some, but the community and puns that spawned from its creation are second to none. The best example of their thriving community and lively puns can be see in their Groupme chat, a message app the group uses.

“We use Groupme to share recipes, show what we’re cooking and discuss ideas about our next meeting,” Mix said. “Each of one of us has a crockpot related pun name. For example, one of our members has the name A$AP Crocky.”

While the using of a crockpot in college may be out of the ordinary, members of the crockpot club use theirs regularly and save money. Mix explained how the crockpot has changed the way he eats.

“Over the summer I ate out a lot and while I could afford it, I was still spending more money than I should,” Mix said. “Now, I can buy fresh ingrediants, put them in the crockpot before I got to bed and wake up to a delicious aroma that can provide 7-8 meals.”

While Woslager had already been using his crockpot for sometime, he was amazed by how many members started to use their crockpots outside of the club.

“On our groupme, I’m constantly getting messages about what someone’s making and then another is asking for the recipe,” Woslager said. “I think it’s awesome that so many of our members are taking the time to make fresh homemade food.”

The group will often send pictures of crockpots at local department stores and alert each other when they’re on sale. The other day, one of the members actually got crockpot cookbooks donated from their mom for anyone in the group who may want one.

In the future, the Crockpot Club hopes to have bowling shirts with their embroidered logo, branded koozies and tailgating